Biographies and History

The Struggle for Tolerance, Politics and Religion:
The Spanish Monarchy and Protestantism, 1517–1648

Each year, Fundación Banco Santander and Fundación Cultural de la Nobleza Española (Cultural Foundation of the Spanish Nobility) organise the Biographies and History lecture series, coordinated by Carmen Iglesias—professor, scholar and director of the Royal Academy of History—in which past events are analysed by leading historiography experts.

In 2017, the scholars and university professors Carmen Sanz, Feliciano Barrios, Javier Puerto, Joseph Pérez and Carmen Iglesias discussed the Protestant Reformation and its religious, political and economic repercussions across Europe. They also examined the battle between tolerance and intolerance waged at a time when 'confessional absolutism' was the norm on the entire European continent, and particularly in Spain.

La Granda

The foundation sponsors the courses at La Granda, considered one of the most important intellectual events of the summer in Asturias. Held in Avilés and directed by Professor Velarde Fuertes, the 2017 courses assembled leading experts to discuss a variety of historical topics: prominent personalities of Spain and Portugal, Ferdinand the Catholic King, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Constitution and the Protestant Reformation. There were also special seminars on topics related to technology, economy, industry and sociology.

In recognition of this support, the La Granda Courses Association awarded the 2017 Gold Medal to Fundación Banco Santander.

Heritage Conservation

Hispania Nostra Awards

Each year, Fundación Banco Santander and the association Hispania Nostra organise the Hispania Nostra Awards to reward best practices in the conservation of cultural and natural heritage.

In 2017, the comprehensive rehabilitation of the S’Hostal quarries in Ciutadella, Menorca, received the Land or Landscape Intervention Prize. This project transformed an area formerly dedicated to stone extraction into a cultural activities and visitors’ centre.

The award in the category of Conservation of Heritage as a Factor of Socio-Economic Development went to the restoration work done on the Fortress of La Mota, a historical monument in Alcalá la Real, Jaén.

The latter prize was shared with Rubia Tinctorum, a project to restore the Cistercian monastery of Santa María de la Sierra in Segovia, and recover its environs and cultural legacies such as textile and dyeing traditions.