In addition to our usual cultural programmes in the fields of art, music, literature and history, the Foundation was entrusted with the management of Banco Santander’s documentary archive and created a grant programme for research into the works that make up its art collection.

Social outreach

Key activities in the field of social outreach include the modifications introduced in the Santander Ayuda programme to increase its efficiency and the launch of special editions to contribute in our own way to efforts to tackle the humanitarian challenges presented by the volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma and the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Environment and research

Our work in the field of environmental protection focused on the launch of three innovative actions, selected at the second edition of Santander for the Seas, which aim to recover Santander Bay, preserve Ibiza’s violescent sea-whip populations, and encourage public participation in the conservation of Iberian orcas.

Other partnerships

We tell you about some of the most representative institutions and organisations which we collaborate with.

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