Historia Fundamental Collection

Fundación Banco Santander, faithful to its commitment to humanism, the expansion of knowledge and the certainty that knowledge of what happened in the past is a way to understand our present in order to aspire to a better future, has created and published Colección Historia Fundamental (Fundamental History Collection). Each of its volumes will gather episodes, facts, characters, themes and writings -between the 16th and 18th centuries- of the Spanish and Latin American reality that, due to different circumstances, were forgotten, unclarified or are still ignored by the general public. In this manner, we hope to contribute to a deeper reflection and analysis of history that will illuminate these centuries and enrich our present time.  

Biografías e Historia

Biographies and History is a series of conferences organized by the Banco Santander Foundation in collaboration with the Cultural Foundation of the Spanish Nobility. It aims to review important moments in history through the biography of its protagonists.