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Carmen Conde

Levanto mi voz. Radiofonías (1967-1972)



Cuadernos de Obra Fundamental

Edited en 2022
23 x 16 cm
168 pages
Binding: paperback
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-17264-30-7

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Carmen Conde (1907-1996) was one of the most important Spanish authors of the 20th century: the first woman to win the National Literature Prize in the category of Poetry (1967) and to be elected a full member of the Spanish Royal Academy in 1978.

Although she excelled in poetry, she also wrote novels, short stories, plays, essays, biographies, autobiographies, epistolary writing, translations, journalistic articles and scripts for cinema and radio. Precisely, we gather in this volume, for the first time, the collaborations of Carmen Conde in the program En Voz de Mujer (1967-1969) of Radio Nacional, as well as a selection of other radiophonic texts emitted between 1970 and 1972. These radio broadcasts constitute a broad portrait of the daily, literary and transcendental concerns that shaped her thoughts.

FRAN GARCERÁ holds a PhD in Hispanic Studies from the Universitat de València and has specialized in the study of the networks of friendship and literary collaboration of Spanish poets during the Silver Age, especially Carmen Conde.

1. Interview with Fran Garcerá, expert on Carmen Conde, anthologist and prologue writer of the volume:

"Carmen has taught me to have hope in the future (...), to believe in myself, despite everything and despite everyone, and to have faith in my freedom and what I want to express without fearing anything".

Here you can listen to twelve dramatized podcasts of unpublished texts by the writer and poet Carmen Conde inserted in the volume Levanto mi voz. Radiofonías (1967-1972).  Reflexiones breves de lo cotidiano y lo trascendente that the author wrote and broadcast on the radio, and that we now versioned for listeners who wish to approach the profound vision, full of faith in the freedom of the human being, of our first female academic of the Royal Spanish Academy. 

Todas las mañanas la vi.

Broadcast in Voz de mujer, of RNE, November 19, 1967.

¿Alguien recuerda haber tenido un pájaro en su mano?

Broadcast on December 8, 1967, and published in the newspaper Ya in 1982 as "Pájaro en mano".

Esa mujer

Broadcast by Conde on April 19, 1968, and published in 1981 in the newspaper Ya

Casi todos los niños hacen lo mismo”

Broadcast on June 12, 1968, and subsequently published in the newspaper Ya in 1981.

Las cosas que nos acompañan

It was broadcast on July 19, 1968, and also reproduced in Ya under the title "Las cosas" in 1981.

La mayor parte de las catástrofes domésticas”

Broadcast on August 2, 1968, and published in Ya under the title, "Aquello de la convivencia".

Aprender a perder

It went on the air on August 9, 1968, and was republished in Ya under the title "Lo más difícil" in 1981.

Cuando se ama a los libros

Broadcast on August 16, 1968 on the radio and headlined in the newspaper Ya in 1981, "Alfalfa literaria".

La sensibilidad

Broadcast on November 15, 1968, and published in Ya as “¿Tenemos sensibilidad?”

No se debe maltratar al amor

Broadcast on radio on January 31, 1969, and featured in the newspaper Ya in 1982 under the title "No creen en el amor”.

Aunque parezca exagerada

Undated, it was published under the title "Los insustituibles" in the newspaper Ya in 1982.

Los días que vivimos no son fáciles

From "La creación literaria", 1970, broadcast on RNE.