Many of the pieces that make up the Collection refer to major issues of our time or to fields of knowledge that might seem far removed from art yet actually intersect with it. Through a series of audiovisuals, the Foundation aims to make these intersections visible, highlighting the excellent tool that art can be to address issues of enormous relevance for the development of society, such as energy transition or gender issues.


El arte en la artesanía
The podcasters known as "Las Hijas de Felipe" and TV presenter Lucía Mbomío invite us to travel the world through the works in the Collection.
la musica y la fiesta
Music can be a refuge of security and freedom where we can show ourselves as we are. The singer Zahara and the artist Niño de Elche know this very well, and in this latest #Vívela they talk to us about celebrating, about the Seville fair and about how songs are the most direct artistic expression.
Representar lo irrepresentable
Actress Manuela Velasco and stage director Rafael R. Villalobos talk to us about how to represent what has not been experienced, miracles and passion, or why a mask is a door to freedom


El arte en la artesanía
Juana Acosta and Sonia Navarro bring us some great details of the traditional crafts in the Banco Santander Collection. A country without handicrafts is a country without identity
Las caras de la memoria
Memory, a very broad concept that we can find in poetry, music or art. The poet Mario Obrero and the journalist, composer and singer Sheila Blanco analyze how some works from the Banco Santander Collection show us memory, legacy, hope or oblivion. A journey where art presents memory as an uplifting transit where memories coexist
Joaquín Reyes y Costa Badía: la atracción por lo inquietante, el gore y la muerte en el arte
The comedian, writer and illustrator Joaquín Reyes and the artist and cultural mediator Costa Badía, show us through the works of the Banco Santander Collection the attraction to the grotesque, the disturbing and the terrifying


Experience the 3,000 stories hidden in Banco Santander Collection
Gender equality, political propaganda and art with Miss Beige
Ianko López and Lorenzo Caprile: fashion and evolution of society from art
Bene Bergado and Ángel León: sustanability and future of food from art