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Santander Emplea Cultura is our programme aimed at creating jobs among young people who specialise in contemporary culture and helping organisations in the cultural sector to grow in a sustainable way.

The project has two consecutive calls for proposals:

  1. A first call for organisations that are interested in filling a job within their structure. From 2nd to 30th November, 2021.
  2. A second one for candidates who wish to apply for these positions. From 2nd to 16th Febraury, 2022

A total of 10 organisations and 10 candidates will be selected and a grant of 18,000 euros will be awarded to the organisations, the entire sum of which must be allocated to the salary of the new employee for one year.

If you are an organisation in the field of contemporary culture that wants to increase its structure or you are seeking employment within the sector, all you have to do is read the legal terms and conditions and register.

Explanatory video

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