The Carabane Tourism and Craftwork Actors Association, AATAC; is finishing the construction of the Carabane Island Handycraft Centre. At present, there is already a half-built building with fourteen spaces around an interior patio for the sale of handicrafts by members of the association. The work stopped some years ago due to lack of funding. The craftsmen and women of Carabane have no choice but to display and sell their products in the courtyards or gardens of their own homes, located in different areas of the town, facing problems of space and poor visibility.

This project involves the completion of the Craft Centre on the Island of Carabane. The association of craftsmen and women of the island will have their own space for the artisans to group their offer of local crafts and gain visibility among the travellers who visit the island. The centre is located in a strategic part of the island, on the central square, next to the colonial church, a must-visit location for all travellers visiting Carabane.

The planned works include masonry, walls, floors and bathrooms; the installation of a concrete floor in the courtyard of the building and inner spaces; the construction of the roof; the placement of woodwork on the doors; and finishing the walls with plaster and paint.