The Bantannani Cultural Association helps to preserve the traditional dances and celebrations of the Malenke ethnic group in Tambanoumouya, a small community located near the Badian solidarity camp in Bassari country.  A group composed of 21 women, accompanied by four musicians, preserve, and share with visitors the traditional celebrations of the Malenke, a unique expression of the heritage of the animist culture that survives in this part of Senegal. These celebrations are hired by groups of travellers visiting the tourist camps located in the vicinity of the Niokolo Koba National Park and Bassari Country. This generates income that is set aside in a common fund to be used to cover the community's needs.

The project aims to help strengthen the Bantannani Cultural Association of Tambanomouya. The initiative, developed in collaboration with the NGO Solidarity Camps, includes the constitution of an Economic Interest Group (EIG) to regulate and professionalise the activities of the Association and the updating of the Bantannani group's equipment, including the purchase of traditional costumes, beads, and musical instruments.