The population of the province of Al Hoceima is mainly rural and suffers from high poverty rates. As it is a mountainous area, difficult to access, with scattered and remote infrastructures and basic facilities, the population has high illiteracy rates, with early school dropouts and low entry into the labour market. Due to the pressure of social and cultural traditions, this situation affects women to a greater extent.

The Honey Production in Al Hoceima project, developed in collaboration with the Movement for Peace (MPDL), aims to raise awareness of the importance of women for local development and as agents of change in Al Hoceima through processes that help their social and economic inclusion. The intervention focuses on women in two cooperatives in the rural areas of the Al Hoceima National Park: the Ithri Taounil Cooperative in Taounil and the Asrih Cooperative in Bouhem. The project provides support to improve the production and management skills of the women in the cooperatives and to purchase equipment for beekeeping production.