A group of 41 women from the community of Faoye have formed the Ndamelor Group. Most women are housewives, some are seamstresses. The president of the Association, Maimouna Labou, is a community agent in charge of early detection of malnutrition cases in Faoye village.

On behalf of Santander BEST Africa, with the collaboration of the NGO "Solidarity Camps" and the technical support of SAPOP, we support the creation of a small business dedicated to the rental of equipment for the organization of social or cultural events in the area of Faoye. The idea is to provide a service to companies and individuals interested in organizing events that require the assembly of a canvas or tent to protect attendees from the sun or rain and to provide the necessary equipment and utensils to serve a large number of potential guests. The launch of this business will help to generate a modest income for the Association and its members and for the maintenance of a program against child malnutrition which has been developed since 2003 in the village of Faoye. This project includes the acquisition of the necessary equipment to start-up the business and the construction of a small warehouse to store the materials and equipment owned by the Association.