The economy of Ile de Mar Fafaco, in the Sine Saloum Delta in Senegal, is based on agriculture and fishing, two sectors that are particularly threatened by the impact of climate change. The erosion of coastal areas and the encroachment of the sea on the mainland are leading women who collect shellfish to go further and further out to sea to catch enough fish for their own consumption and to sell the surplus. The salinization of the land is also forcing women and young people on the island to abandon agricultural activities.

The project aims to help strengthen the resilience of women who process fish products, in a post-COVID context, on the island of Mar Fafaco. The initiative, developed with the collaboration of Enraíza derechos (formerly PROSALUS), includes, among other actions, the improvement of equipment and materials of the five associations of women processors of fishery products on the island, composed of a total of 75 women and 10 men; training in marketing and commercialization techniques, improvement of product packaging; and access to a warehouse for sale in the capital of Senegal, Dakar.