From Fundación Banco Santander we develop the Santander Ayuda Program with the aim of supporting non-profit organizations in the implementation of social projects, at the local level, that seek to improve the quality of life of people in vulnerable situations.

Four open calls are held each year:

  1. Santander Ayuda "Poverty and social exclusion". December-January.
  2. Santander Ayuda "Disability, health and aging". March.
  3. Santander Ayuda "Poverty and social exclusion". May.
  4. Santander Ayuda "Disability, health and aging". September.


We support a total of 20 projects in each of the calls for proposal,s and participating organizations may apply for up to a maximum of 5,000 euros. Due to the current situation, priority will be given to projects aimed at alleviating the effects of the Covid-19 crisis.

To submit your application, all you have to do is read the Legal Bases carefully, register through "access to organizations" and fill in a simple form. 

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