We manage, disseminate and conserve the Banco Santander Collection, formed over more than 160 years by the various financial institutions that are integrated into what is now Banco Santander. 

Its collections cover a wide historical period from the 2nd century BC to the present day. The main part of the collection is made up of paintings, although it also has interesting examples of sculpture, decorative arts and a complete numismatic collection, with coins and banknotes that offer a unique journey through the history of Spain.

The Banco Santander Collection is on display in the Santander Art Gallery of the Financial City in Boadilla del Monte. 

Through loans of works of art from the Banco Santander Collection, we fulfil the dual purpose of disseminating and promoting knowledge of art, as well as supporting other museums and cultural institutions by collaborating in their exhibition projects.

Banco Santander Collection Videos

Many of the pieces that make up the Collection refer to major issues of our time or to fields of knowledge that might seem far removed from art yet actually intersect with it. Through a series of audiovisuals, the Foundation aims to make these intersections visible, highlighting the excellent tool that art can be to address issues of enormous relevance for the development of society, such as energy transition or gender issues.
The proposal invites the viewer to look beyond the usual museum visit and think about the pieces in terms of their connection with the environment, fashion or power. The videos, which will be published once a month on the Foundation's YouTube channel, will be produced in collaboration with great gastronomy professionals such as Ángel Leon and design professionals such as Lorenzo Caprile. This marks the beginning of a new way of approaching the Banco Santander Collection, which has also been on display to the public at the Art Gallery of the Financial City since 11 October.

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