Jinaben Yo Afeo was founded in 2015. A group of nine women and one man form this group, dedicated to the production of jams, juices and syrups derived from a variety of fruits, including mango, papaya, bitter oranges, bissap or grapefruit. This group has an establishment and a small shop in the outskirts of the Ossouye municipality in the heart of Lower Casamance.

Jinaben Yo Afeo is fully equipped for the elaboration of natural, locally grown products which are sold on a small scale at the group’s store to travellers visiting Oussouye.

The municipality of Oussouye is in a strategic point on the tourist routes or itineraries of Lower Casamance. Located between Ziguinchor and Cap Skirring, two capitals with a large number of tourist establishments, this group can offer their products to the many hotels and restaurants located in the region’s two most visited populations.

At Santander BEST Africa, with the collaboration of "Solidarity Camps" and "Filmmakers in Action" – providing the technical support on the field, we facilitate the development of a commercial distribution network that will enable increased sales of the products manufactured by the group. This project includes the adaptation of the facilities at Jinaben Yo Afeo, in Oussouye, to facilitate guided visits to the processing unit and product tastings by organized groups of travellers on tourist routes in Lower Casamance.