Visits to communities such as Badian, Sibikilling Bassari or Tambanoumouya are frequently included in the tourist circuits that take place in the southeast of Senegal, in what is known as Bassari Country.

The hiring of traditional festivals, with music, dance and masks, organized in Malenke or Bassari villages by tour operators is a valuable source of income for these communities. The income generated by the organization of these celebrations is usually kept in common funds for use in emergency situations. Moreover, the festivities represent excellent occasions to promote and share with visitors the customs and traditions of the different ethnic groups that coexist in this area of Senegal. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2012, the Senegalese region of Kedougou is located in the southeast of Senegal in an area of forests, valleys and mountains characterized by its great cultural and environmental richness.

The project contemplates the constitution of the "Guiki Sembe" cultural association of Badian and the professionalization of the activities developed by the group of 32 women and 4 men in charge of the organization of celebrations of the Malenke culture in the Badian community. The initiative, developed in collaboration with the NGO "Campamentos Solidarios", includes the renovation of equipment, including traditional clothing and ornaments and musical instruments for the association. The project is a first pilot project to support the establishment and professionalization of cultural associations to help preserve and disseminate the cultural heritage of the Malenke and Bassari communities in Senegal.