The TRY Women’s Oyster Harvesting Association was founded in 2007, aimed at uniting women who gather and process oysters from the Gambia coast, in order to increase their capacity and resources for the development of their activity. TRY has played a decisive role in women’s empowerment, who have gained recognition in Gambia as workers with full rights. 

At Santander BEST Africa, with the collaboration of GTHI, the Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute of Gambia, we support the implementation of a pilot training in food security and a pilot training in customer service, both aimed at an initial group of 100 female members of the Association. The development of the two pilot training programmes will serve as the basis for the extension of the programme to the more than 500 oyster gatherers participating in TRY across different areas of the Gambian coast. This training, provided by GTHI, will help improve the quality of the marketed products and the customer service provided by the Association.