Fundación Princesa de Asturias

The institution annually rewards the efforts of individ- uals or institutions whose work promotes scientific, cultural and humanistic values. Awards are granted in the following categories: Concord, Arts, Communi- cation and Humanities, Social Sciences, Technical and Scientific Research, Sports, Literature and International Cooperation.


Colegio Libre de Eméritos

This institution was created to offer the most eminent professors an opportunity to participate in Spanish cul- tural life post-retirement. It is a gathering place for intel- lectuals to reflect on matters relating to a wide variety of disciplines. As well as organising courses, lectures and debates, it disseminates the conclusions of its studies in a range of publications.


Fundación Instituto de Empresa

This foundation was established by the Instituto de Empresa to encourage its teachers and students to engage in training, research and management. Its resources are primarily used to fund scholarships for students, grants for teacher training and research and improvements to the Instituto de Empresa’s educational establishments.


Real Instituto Elcano

Real Instituto Elcano is a strategic international think tank with a focus to exploring Spanish, European and global topics. The institute publicises the results of its studies in the form of publications and reports. It also organises working groups, seminars and conferences. To boost its international presence, the think tank partic- ipates in numerous international networks and projects.


Casa de América

An institution created in 1990 to strengthen ties between Spain and the Americas, especially Ibe- ro-American nations. To do so, it organises all kinds of cultural activities that reveal the different realities of the American continent in Spain, with participation from rel- evant figures from both sides of the Atlantic.


Fundación Créate

The foundation aims to research and implement exper- imental methodologies for use in all educational set- tings. To achieve this aim, the foundation designs different educational programmes based on training, the creation of innovative teaching materials and pro- fessional support.


Premios Rey Jaime I

These awards recognise outstanding scientific, research and business activity carried out in Spain. Winners receive a cash prize of 100,000 euros, which they pledge to invest partially in Spain. The jury is made up of distinguished scientists, as well as a wide range of representatives from the Spanish business world.


Fundación Museo del Ejército

A foundation that promotes the study, research and dis- semination of Spanish military history. One of its pri- mary goals is to help manage the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of the Museo del Ejército (Army Museum). The foundation organises seminars, courses and lectures and awards research grants, among other activities.