Programa posdoctoral Fundación Banco Santander-CNIO

Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO)

Since 2009, the foundation has worked in partnership with the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológi- cas Carlos III (CNIO) to promote cancer research in Spain. This collaboration has allowed a post-doctoral pro- gramme aimed at scientists from prestigious institu- tions in the United Kingdom and the United States to be put in place.

The aim is to attract talented young researchers to our country and exchange knowledge in the field of oncol- ogy. The selected scientists work at CNIO for 24 months on research projects in collaboration with their institu- tions of origin, supplementing their training in a multi- disciplinary, international environment.

Accelerate: Building Business from Science & Technology

Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO)

The foundation offers grants to a number of post-doc- toral scientists from the Centro Nacional de Investiga- ciones Oncológicas so that they can receive business training specifically designed for them by IE University.

The programme encourages the use of their research for practical purposes in the biomedical industry, provid- ing participants with basic knowledge of finance, sales, marketing and corporate strategy.

In 2020, six researchers in the world of molecular oncol- ogy were selected and are being trained at Spanish universities.

Premio Talento Emergente SRUK/CERU

Sociedad de Científicos Españoles en Reino Unido

The foundation and the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom organise the SRUK/CERU Emerg- ing Talent Award on a yearly basis to acknowledge and showcase the work of researchers at British institu- tions. The award consists of a 14,000 pounds prize and a sculpture by artist Cristina Iglesias.

Dr Susana García López was the winner of the fifth edi- tion. Her research, which combines chemical engineer- ing with data science, computational chemistry and inorganic synthetic chemistry, has important applica- tions in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. One of her most significant contributions is designing new materials to capture carbon dioxide from industrial emissions, which are more efficient than those currently on the market.

Fundación Renal Íñigo Álvarez de Toledo


The Fundación Renal Íñigo Álvarez de Toledo is a non- profit organisation providing full support for people with kidney disease. With more than sixteen dialysis centres across Spain, it offers patients psychological, social, occupational and nutritional support and pro- motes research into kidney diseases by awarding prizes and grants.

Sponsorship from Fundación Banco Santander allowed the foundation to create Nefrodiet, a mobile application available in Spanish and English that helps patients fol- low a diet designed to slow the progress of chronic kid- ney disease. Nefrodiet has been selected as one of the best health applications by Fundación iSYS, which spe- cialises in evaluating digital health projects.