This annual report describes the initiatives that the foundation has pursued over the past year. We also look forward to publishing the social impact study on which we are currently working, with the aim of monitoring our actions more closely and improving their results.

The end of the Covid-19 health crisis allowed us to resume our regular programme of activities at the art gallery in Grupo Santander City and our involvement in temporary exhibitions organised by other art institutions and museums. We are particularly proud to have had a hand in the inaugural show at the Royal Collections Gallery, a new museum created by Patrimonio Nacional to research and share the impressive artistic heritage it manages.

In order to better understand our constantly changing world, we have set up a forum of debate called La Colección de Ideas [The Collection of Ideas], where different experts share their thoughts on the principal global challenges of today.

We have improved the scope and efficiency of our social outreach programmes, introducing Santander BEST Africa in Mozambique and giving Santander Ayuda the more specific goal of reducing poverty among children and adolescents.

In 2023, we joined the bank and several institutions of higher learning in their invaluable efforts to facilitate access to quality education and ensure that young university students have a bright future in the working world.

We stepped up our contributions to science with the sponsorship of new projects led by the Spanish National Research Council and the Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research.

At Fundación Banco Santander, we trust that our efforts and dedication over the past year have helped society to make progress in those areas which fall under our principal strategic guidelines.


Borja Baselga Canthal

Managing Director