Fundación Banco Santander, the University of Exeter and the Universidad de Barcelona launched Cartasvi- vas in 2019. The project combines cinema, literature and historical research to revive the stories of prominent women in 20th-century intellectual, social and political life. It takes the form of an audiovisual library containing short film capsules by filmmaker Paula Ortiz and professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles with help from a group of students from the universities of Exeter and Barcelona.

On 11 November 2020, two new letters were pre- sented: they were dedicated to the writer, philosopher and journalist Mercedes Pinto (Tenerife, 1883 – Mexico, 1976) and to the poet Teresa Wilms (Viña del Mar, 1893– Paris, 1921), played by actresses Ruth Gabriel and Micaela Breque respectively. Both authors were known for the quality of their literary work, as well as for their firm commitment to women’s rights and independence.

The four capsules are currently available on the project website, which also features a section in which the public can suggest their own living letters.