The Obra Fundamental Collection resurrects contemporary authors writing in Spanish who have, for various reasons, been forgotten and whose work is now almost impossible to find.

Since 2012, the collection has been supplemented by the Obra Fundamental Notebooks, which take a markedly humanist approach and reveal a more personal side of well-known authors to readers.

To encourage access to culture during lockdown, the foundation offered free downloads of the last ten books to be published via its website and recommended a different book each week on its social media accounts.


Joan Perucho

De lo maravilloso y lo real. Antología

To mark the centenary of Joan Perucho’s birth (Barcelona, 1920-2003), this anthology published in 2014 was reprinted. The volume contains short stories and texts grouped into thematic sections. Apocryphal stories, wise men, magicians, saints, fantastic beasts and occult botany intertwine with autobiographical tales, memories, travel stories and a theory of Catalonia.

Essayist and literary critic Mercedes Monmany wrote the prologue and selected the texts for the volume, which bring elements of fantasy into everyday life.

Due to the pandemic, the foundation was forced to cancel its participation in the events scheduled to celebrate the Year of Joan Perucho.


Ramón de la Serna y Espina

La torre invisible. Antología esencial

This volume, dedicated to novelist and playwright Ramón de la Serna y Espina (Valparaíso, Chile, 1894 – Santiago de Chile, 1969), contains a selection of writings from his extensive body of literary work: the play Boves, the futuristic short story Puente Rojo, the psychological novel Chao and several of his many pieces for prestigious periodicals.

Daniela Agrillo, a literary researcher and expert in the work of this great 20th-century intellectual, selected the texts and wrote the introductory study.

La torre invisible was presented on 30 June 2020 on the foundation’s social media accounts and on 3 July at a virtual press conference attended by anthologist Daniela Agrillo, journalist Víctor de la Serna and the donor of the writer’s archive, Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán.

Ramón de la Serna y Espina La torre invisible. Antología esencial
Ramón de la Serna y Espina - La torre invisible. Antología esencial


Vicente Aleixandre

Visitar todos los cielos. Cartas a Gregorio Prieto (1924-1981)

Visitar todos los cielos compiles the letters written by poet Vicente Aleixandre (Seville, 1898 – Madrid, 1984) to painter Gregorio Prieto, with whom he maintained an intense correspondence from the 1920s to shortly before the poet’s death. The letters make reference to members of the Generation of '27 poetry group, including Lorca, Alberti, Altolaguirre and Prados, and reflect on the creative process behind some of his poetry collections.

Writer and journalist Víctor Fernández was responsible for selecting the letters and writing the introduction.

The volume was presented on 11 February 2020 at a press conference given by Víctor Fernández and writer Elvira Lindo.



Gabriela Mistral

De mujer a mujer. Cartas desde el exilio a Gabriela Mistral (1942-1946)



This Notebook brings together the missives sent to Gabriela Mistral (Vicuña, Chile, 1942 – New York, 1956) by Spanish artists and intellectuals in exile in Europe and Latin America, including Maruja Mallo, Ana María Martínez Sagi, Margarita Nelken, Victoria Kent, Zenobia Camprubí and María Zambrano, among others. It also includes the letters sent by the Chilean poet to Teresa Díez-Canedo, María Zambrano, Margarita Nelken and María de Unamuno and two biographical sketches signed by María Enciso and Victoria Kent.

Professor of Spanish literature Francisca Montiel Rayo compiled the edition and participated in the online pres- entation of the book held on 16 December 2020.