Faro Santander is a new cultural project by Banco Santander.

The Pereda building, the former main headquarters of the Bank and one of the most emblematic buildings in the city of Santander, will be the place that will host this new project dedicated to art and technology, with a strong educational, environmental and social focus.

A fun space where everyone is welcome.

The architectural project includes, among others, several exhibition rooms, a multipurpose auditorium and a space dedicated to technology. This project is designed to offer visitors both a place for meeting and learning. 

Faro Santander will host exhibitions and events on the great challenges of our time: diversity, sustainability, and technological development. The space will be an intellectual and innovative reference point open to the public. 

On the fourth floor of the building, the Banco Santander Collection will be displayed through temporary exhibitions. This collection, formed over more than 160 years, includes pieces from the 2nd century BC. C. to the present day and is one of the most artistically relevant corporate collections today.