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Vicente Aleixandre

Visitar todos los cielos. Cartas a Gregorio Prieto (1924-1981)

Epistolares y diarios


Cuadernos de Obra Fundamental Collection

Edited in 2019
Size: 24 x 17 cm
Nº pages.: 184
Binding: rustic
Language: spanish
ISBN: 978-84-17264-16-1

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Vicente Aleixandre (Seville, 1898-Madrid, 1984) maintained an intense and extensive epistolary friendship with the painter Gregorio Prieto (1897-1992). The poet of the generation of ‘27 who won the Nobel Prize for Literature and the painter who best knew how to portray that literary generation maintained a close relationship over the years, ready to turn their joy of life into one of their main motivations.

This incomplete dialogue brings us closer not only to the intimacy and soul of Aleixandre, but also to the creative forge of the writer; it reflects on the birth of some of his poems and a time of fraternity. These letters reveal a vindication of art, beauty, and the celebration of life, together with a lyricism that, on many occasions, unites the human with the divine.

Víctor Fernández is a journalist and writer. He has written and edited books dedicated to Federico García Lorca or Salvador Dalí - such as Querido Salvador, Querido Lorquito. Epistolario 1925-1936 or Cartas de Vicenta Lorca a su hijo Federico, to César Vallejo, Miguel Hernández or Josep Pla, as well as to Marilyn Monroe -Marilyn íntima- He is also responsible for the Culture in Catalonia section of the newspaper La Razón.

Visitar todos los cielos. Cartas a Gregorio Prieto (1924-1981)