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Retratos a medida: Entrevistas a personalidades de la cultura Española (1907-1958)

Ensayos y artículos



 Obra Fundamental Collection

Edited in 2021
24 x 17 cm
500 pages.
Binding: hard cover
Language: spanish
ISBN:  978-84-17264-25-3


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This book gathers over seventy interviews, previously unpublished in Spain, conducted with fifty-seven Spanish cultural figures published in the Argentine press (1901-1958), which make up a historical and social mural of their time. Pérez Galdós, Picasso, Benavente, Margarita Xirgu, Unamuno, María de Maeztu, Victoria Kent, Sorolla, Azorín, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Zenobia Camprubí, Marañón, Pío Baroja, Ramón y Cajal, Cela or Pastora Imperio, parade through these pages portrayed in body, mind and soul, by some of the most outstanding figures in the Argentine and Spanish press of their time. We discover interviewers and interviewees.

Beatriz Ledesma Fernández de Castillejo (Bilbao, 1977) is a writer and literary researcher and one of the leading specialists on the literature of the republican diaspora in Río de la Plata. She also edited the book "Del amor y otras pasiones", dedicated to Clara Campoamor, for Colección Obra Fundamental.

Visiting Pío Baroja

An interview conducted by Andrés Muñoz for La Nación in 1950 to the great novelist, in the last years of his life. In this interview, Baroja shares explosive anecdotes about writers and reveals his most personal and intimate side.

A long awaited visit: the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez

The Nobel Prize winner for Literature is interviewed by Cyrano Boyard for El Hogar in 1948. Juan Ramon Jiménez talks about his travels, his life before fame and leaves us an unpublished self-portrait.

Visiting Don Miguel de Unamuno. Twelve hours listening to the master of masters

Two unique conversations between one of the most outstanding humanists in the history of the 20th century and Juan Jose Soiza Reilly for Caras y Caretas in 1908 and 1929. Unamuno speaks as a young rector in Salamanca, and later, from his voluntary exile in France during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera.  

Report on Pérez Galdós

Juan Jose Soiza Reilly draws a unique portrait of a literary symbol of his time for Caras y Caretas in 1907.  Galdós, already at the height of his fame, is clearly at ease with the journalist.

Pablo Picasso

Psychological and subtle portrait of the personality of the genius from Malaga by Juan Jose Soiza Reilly for Plus Utra in 1929. The then famous leader of the cubist school reflects on art and its value. 

What Sorolla says

Interview conducted by Juan Jose Soiza Reilly for Caras y Caretas in 1907 to the impressionist painter, Sorolla. An intimate portrait at the artist's studio that shows us the most human side of Sorolla.

Ramón y Cajal

Juan Jose Soiza Reilly interviews the Spanish Nobel Prize winner and scientist for Caras y Caretas in 1929. A somewhat disheartened Ramón y Cajal meditates on the meaning of life during a stroll through Madrid.

Victoria Kent

Jose Maria Salaberria delves into Spanish penitentiaries as a reporter for Caras y Caretas under the guidance of Victoria Kent, a member of parliament in 1931 and a social pioneer in the defense of prisoners.

Margarita Xirgu

The eminent Spanish actress is interviewed by Jose Maria Salaberria for Caras y Caretas in 1934. Margarita Xirgu takes us inside the reality of Spanish theatre in the 1930s, which is very similar to the current situation.

Pastora Imperio on stage and at home

Juan Jose Soiza Reilly once again shows his psychological virtuosity by conducting an interview with the dancer for Caras y Caretas in 1921, in which she reveals all her passion and energy in both life and art.