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Antonio Espina

Poesía completa. Prosa escogida



Obra Fundamental Collection

Edited in 2000
24 x 17 cm
Volume I, 154 pgs;
Volume II, 370 pgs.
Binding: softcover
Language: spanish
ISBN: 978-84-89913-20-2 (Volume I)
ISBN: 978-84-89913-21-9 (Volume II)
ISBN: 978-84-89913-22-6 (Complete works)

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Antonio Espina (Madrid, 1894-1972) was an author full of originality, with a strong personality and creative capacity, who, as José Ortega y Gasset said, made his writing "a superior algebra of metaphor". In addition to being a poet, he was an essayist and a biographer, with characters such as Luis Candelas.

This edition gathers the complete poetry and selected prose of Espina in two volumes. The first volume includes his books of verse Umbrales (1918) and Signario (1923), along with a collection of poems, most of which have not been reissued until now. In the second volume his most representative prose has been grouped: a selection of his books Divagaciones. Desdén (1919), Pájaro Pinto (1927), Luna de copas (1929), a novel that can be considered as Antonio Espina's vanguardist testament, and his most popular book, Luis Candelas, el bandido de Madrid (1930).

Gloria Rey Faraldos, Professor of Spanish Language and Literature at the IES, was in charge of this selection and was the author of the presentations of the two volumes. She is also an expert on authors such as Rosalía de Castro.