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Nicasio Pajares


Novela y teatro


Obra Fundamental Collection

Edited in 2000
24 x 17 cm
397 pgs.
Binding: softcover
Language: spanish
ISBN: 978-84-89913-18-9

The work of the novelist, playwright and journalist Nicasio Pajares (Padrón, 1881-Madrid, 1956) was strongly marked by the theme of immigration, as he was always travelling between America and Spain, specifically Galicia, never settling down permanently.

This volume compiles several of the most outstanding novels of his production: El conquistador de los Trópicos (1923), Cómo pervertieron a Palleiros (1923) and El pensador de la selva, which showcase the literary quality of this author.

The writer, literary critic and columnist Juan Manuel de Prada (Baracaldo, 1970) was in charge of the selection of works and was the author of the prologue of this volume after the success of his book of short stories, Coños and El silencio del patinador, which elevated him to the very highest rank in literature.