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Ramón Gaya




Obra Fundamental Collection

Edited in 2003
24 x 17 cm
215 pgs.
Binding: softcover
Language: spanish
ISBN: 978-84-89913-45-5

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The painter Ramón Gaya (Murcia, 1910-Valencia, 2005) was also one of the most original writers of the Spanish twentieth century, and not only one of the most elegant painters of our century. His sensibility and perspicacity in covering words with feelings remind us of his mastery of watercolour and painting.

This anthology brings together essays, critiques, poems, travel logs, letters and fragments of his diary that demonstrate the narrative strength and depth of thought of this multifaceted artist. These are probably some of the most dazzling and beautiful pages that the painter has written throughout his long life.

The writer Andrés Trapiello (Manzaneda de Torío, León, 1953) has compiled the texts and prefaced this volume.