No habrá nunca una puerta. Estás adentro

Santander Art Gallery

FEBRUARY 26 TO JUNE 09 - 2019

No habrá nunca una puerta. Estás adentro. Works from the Coleção Teixeira de Freitas is part of the contemporary art exhibition line that we organise at the Santander Art Gallery of the Grupo Santander City. The exhibition provides an opportunity to appreciate the personal collection gathered by Luiz Teixeira de Freitas from Portugal.

This exhibition features installations, drawings, sculptures, paintings, videos and artist's books by relevant contemporary creators such as Cildo Meireles, Dahn Vo, Damián Ortega, Gordon Matta-Clark, Jorge Macchi, Julião Sarmento, Tamar Guimarães and Thomas Ruff, among others. With the aim of reflecting the wide variety of meanings that an art collection can achieve, the curator Luiza Teixeira de Freitas organises the exhibition like a sort of labyrinth: it has no beginning or end, no specific theme, it is not focused on any territory, period or belief. And yet, the options are endless: dialogues are established, encounters are generated, previous assumptions are deconstructed and countless possibilities unfold.