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Agustí Calvet "Gaziel"

Pláticas literarias

Ensayos y artículos


Published in 2024. 23 x 16 cm

232 pages

Binding: soft cover

Language: Spanish

ISBN 978-84-17264-45-1

Price: 10 €

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Although colleagues of the stature of Josep Pla said that Agustí Calvet (1887-1964) was "the most outstanding figure of peninsular journalism for a quarter of a century", he remains one of the least known and misunderstood figures of twentieth-century Spain. Gaziel was one of the greatest Spanish journalists, as well as one of the intellectuals most unjustly undervalued by official Catalan culture in recent years.

This volume gathers authentic gems of literary criticism and short essays - dedicated to Shakespeare, Gaudí, Goya, Maragall, Proust, Goethe, Cervantes, Baroja and Dostoyevsky, among many others - which draw attention, in times of identity disputes and border wars, to an author whose work represents an effort for concord and peace in the Peninsula, Europe and the world. A critic and wise humanist who, as anyone leafing through these pages will discern, was no stranger to anything human, and yet was persecuted and censored by all nationalisms.

Francisco Fuster, prologue and anthologist of the volume, is Tenured professor of Contemporary History at the University of Valencia, specialist in the history of Spanish culture in the Silver Age and has published books on the intimacy of the Baroja family and the journalism of Julio Camba, which won the Antonio Domínguez Ortiz Biographies Prize. 

Interview with Francisco Fuster, Professor of Contemporary History at the Universitat de València


Gaziel has been one of the intellectuals most unfairly valued by official Catalan culture in recent years”.

This is a selection of Gaziel's articles in podcast format.  The former director of La Vanguardia during the first decades of the 20th century is, undoubtedly, one of the most profound journalists and intellectuals of his time. Through ephemeris or anecdotes, Gaziel's pen travels to the heart and spirit of characters such as Shakespeare, Cervantes, Goethe, Proust, Dostoyevsky, Pompeu Fabra, Marañón or Goya, revealing unexplored veins of their life and work. Gaziel's writing illuminates us with numerous intuitions, and his articles, authentic literary pearls, are proof that this humanist's gaze is still very much alive.

Shakespeare in Barcelona. The passing genius (La Vanguardia, January 1923)
On the centenary of Goethe. The Spirit and the Mass (La Vanguardia, March 1932)
Dostoevsky. Humanities against barbarities (El Sol, October1926)
A symphonist writer. Marcellus Proust (La Vanguardia, November 1922)
Cervantes: "Joyful sea, playful land, clear air (La Vanguardia, May 1930)
Gregorio Marañón. A great Castilian amongst us (Obituary La Vanguardia, June 1960)
Pompeyo Fabra. A grammatical revolution (La Vanguardia, November 1928)
Our time. A Goya that nobody has seen (El Sol, May 1928)

Jordi Amat and Francisco Fuster talk about the figure of Gaziel and the book "Literary Talks"

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