An edit-a-thon or editing marathon with a gender perspective is an activity in which several people come together to create new content on Wikipedia, figthing the content gaps of the free encyclopedia and making visible the absence of articles related to historically invisible groups and topics. No previous knowledge is necessary, we will teach you everything you need to become a professional editor!


The first editathon took place on Saturday, November 26 at the Work Café in Santander. With the team of volunteers it was possible to include in Wikipedia 5 new entries of the following artists:

Luz de Alvear

Vicky Uslé

Paula Vallar Garate

Sara Ontañón

Maria Gorbeña


The second edit-a-thon took place at the Santemar Hotel on May 27th , 2023 and was dedicated to collect in Wikipedia the heritage of Cantabria that is on the red list, that is, that is at serious risk of destruction, disappearance or irreversible loss. With the team of volunteers, the following entries were included in Wikipedia:

Palacio de Ceballos

Torre de Rigada

Conducción de Aguas de El Chorrillo

Antiguas escuelas de Terán

Cartulario del Monasterio de San Salvador de Oña

Lazareto de Abaño

Cueva de las Brujas (Suances)

Caserío Redondo

Iglesia rupestre de Campo de Ebro

Palacio de Revillagigedo (Ramales de la Victoria)

Cueva de Los Emboscados