Agricultural yields and food production in Faoye have been affected by the effects of climate change: drought, erosion and salinisation of the land; and by the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis: restrictions on mobility and closure of markets and fairs. In this context, the Diam Bougoum Association, made up of 60 Faoye women, is attempting to diversify its sources of income.

The project, developed in collaboration with Enraíza Derechos, promotes self-employment and the generation of stable income for women in the Faoye community. More specifically, the intervention supports the strengthening of the capacities of the women of Diam Bougoum for the transformation and commercialisation of nuts: cashew nuts and peanuts; and fruits: mango, papaya, grapefruit or bissap. The project includes training in nut and fruit processing techniques, management, marketing and commercialisation, and the provision of equipment and raw materials to improve production processes.