This project is aimed at facilitating the expansion of a training project, promoted by the NGO Formación Senegal in the municipality of Thies, which has enabled the financing of basic equipment to set up a textile workshop and the training and employment of 12 women in its first year of operation. The students come from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the city of Thies. In some cases, they come from dysfunctional families with serious family burdens. Some of them are or have been prostitutes. They are a group of women with a great predisposition to improve their living conditions and a high capacity for learning, commitment, collective organisation, and leadership qualities.

The initiative envisages the creation of a cooperative to provide recurrent employment for women in situations of social vulnerability. The young women involved in the project are now under the tutelage of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, whose mission is to work to ensure the social integration and economic self-sufficiency of these women. The current workshop will be upgraded into a larger textile production workshop to provide training and sheltered employment for its employees. The project includes the purchase of equipment for the workshop: sewing machines, finishing machines, buttonholes, stitching, electric scissors, and storage furniture; the purchase of raw materials; and teachers' and coordinators' fees.