At Santander BEST Africa we offer technical or economic support to enterprises that favour the employment of women, promote sustainability - economic, social and environmental - and contribute in an inclusive way to the development of the community.

Find out about some of the projects included in the programme.


Economic empowerment remains a challenge for women in Mozambique, especially as it relates to the rural environment. Despite accounting for 87.3% of the labour force in agriculture, only 25% of women have formal land use rights as landowners (UN Women, 2015). Humbi Farm is a 15-hectare organic farm developed to facilitate the supply of the Munti educational centre, developed by the Khanimambo Foundation, while generating new opportunities for training, employment, and social growth.

The organic farm aims to strengthen the sustainability of the Munti centre, inspire the farming community with innovative techniques based on the principles of permaculture, promote technical training and job creation in an initiative that seeks to be a benchmark in sustainable agricultural cooperation in Xai-Xai.


Linked to the Khanimambo Foundation's interrelated projects in Xai-Xai, Humbi Home, accommodation for volunteers and travellers visiting Xai-Xai, consists of eight huts and a common central building. Humbi Home aims to help generate development, employment, and inspiration for the Xai-Xai community. It is presented as a platform for women in the community to work in the tourism sector and as an innovative and sustainable architectural inspiration for the municipality.

The project, developed in collaboration with the Khanimambo Foundation, includes the acquisition of the necessary equipment for refurbishing the huts and common house and for the launch of the activity.