A group of five women dedicated to the production of cosmetics made from natural products seek to form a cooperative and formalise their natural cosmetics brand.

These entrepreneurs started producing natural cosmetics with the idea of solving the problems that some people encountered when using imported products that were not suited to their skin type. With the use of natural products such as shea butter, lemon, and ginger honey, among others, they observed a notable improvement in their treatments. As a result, they began to make and sell their natural cosmetics to family and friends. They have gradually been able to prove the usefulness and wealth of their natural products.

For this venture to continue its evolution, it requires professional advice and guidance to address its legalisation, commercial registration, and certification. The aim is to professionalise the manufacture of its cosmetic and hair care ranges made from natural products. The project, developed with the collaboration of the NGO Campamentos Solidarios, includes the constitution of the company, the legalisation of the brand and specialised advice on production processes adapted to national and international standards for natural cosmetics.