The NaNor Women's Association of Mbin Ndigue, made up of 60 women from the Faoye community, is starting a cereal storage and sales business. Every year, the prices of these basic staples rise; as it is not possible to store them for a long period of time, cereals are bought at increasingly expensive prices, which is a significant detriment to the precarious economy of the women of the association.

The aim of the project is to facilitate the establishment of a business by this group of women based on the commercialisation of cereals stored in a newly built granary. The initiative will also serve to alleviate the economic burden caused by the increase in cereal prices in the community as a whole. The project, developed in collaboration with the NGO Campamentos Solidarios, involves the construction of a granary for the storage of sacks of grain and a first purchase of raw materials for marketing. The women will start their business in their own village and then sell their produce at a fair price in the various villages around Faoye.