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Santander Exhibition Space

Grażyna Kulczyk Collection. Everybody is Nobody for Somebody

FROM 15 FEB TO 15 JUN - 2014

Grażyna Kulczyk is one of the most important collectors from Poland. The exhibition commissioned by Timothy Persons includes more than 100 pieces by contemporary Polish.

Cranford Collection. Out of the House

FROM 09 TO FEB 16 JUN - 2013

The Cranford Cranford has been a lively and bold force within the London art scene over the last decade. Out of the House is the first exhibition of the collection outside the private context in which it is usually found.

Paintings from the Rubell Family Collection

FROM 11 FEB TO 17 JUN - 2012

The Rubell Family Collection, based in Miami, was founded in New York by Don and Mera Rubell in 1964. Currently, it is one of the greatest private collections of contemporary art in the world.

Spirit and space. sandretto re rebaudengo collection

FROM 09 FEB TO 13 MAY - 2011

The Fundación Banco Santander presents the exhibition Espíritu y Espacioin at the Sala de Arte Santander with works from the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection.

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