Borja Baselga Canthal

Managing Director

Fundación Banco Santander strives to contribute to social change and improvement by promoting culture, supporting education and preserving biodiversity.

This report reflects all it has accomplished over the past year, clearly and transparently explaining its impact in each focus area: art, music, literature, history, environment, science and social outreach.

Knowing the importance of actively promoting cooperation motivates us to partner with prestigious cultural and scientific institutions. In the cultural arena, we work to preserve and share our artistic heritage, back programmes that make art accessible to all audiences, and promote artistic production and the visibility of emerging artists. We are also patrons of music and revive literary texts and authors through the Fundamental Works Collection. In the field of science, we support research, access to high-quality training, entrepreneurship and the promotion of talent. Moreover, our firm commitment to the environment has inspired an ambitious programme to recover our natural heritage. In keeping with the bank’s spirit of social responsibility, the foundation also backs the programmes Santander Ayuda— which seeks to improve the situation of vulnerable communities—and Emplea Cultura—which helps qualified young people find jobs in the culture industry.

Seeing the number of individuals and institutions who benefit from our initiatives grow year after year makes us all the more eager to take on new challenges. We always try to keep up with the times and offer innovative projects that meet the real needs of the communities in which Banco Santander operates.

On behalf of the team of professionals who work at the foundation, I would like to thank the man who has served as its chairman until this year, Antonio Escámez, for the leadership and generous support he has consistently shown us. His example has inspired us to always act responsibly and transparently as we strive to promote personal progress and earn society’s trust with simplicity, humanity and justice.