Mission and Transparency


Fundación Banco Santander is firmly committed to supporting the arts, humanities, science and society. Since 1992, it has maintained an active policy of cultural patronage, focused on making art accessible to the public, promoting a rapprochement between the sciences and humanities, retrieving the memory and legacy of art, literature and history, and helping to preserve our natural heritage.

Additionally, the foundation’s commitment to greater social justice is reflected by the fact that, in recent years, it has expanded its social outreach programme, backing initiatives that support the most vulnerable members of society.


For Fundación Banco Santander, transparency means complying with legal obligations, but it is also a core value that can serve to strengthen its ties to civil society.

For this reason, in addition to presenting annual reports on its activities, the foundation posts updated information on the website about its governing and managing bodies, its Code of Good Governance, audits and financial reports.

The foundation’s commitment to ethical business practices has been acknowledged by Lealtad Instituciones, certifying its full compliance with the Principles of Transparency and Accountability.