Biographies and History

Cultural heritage conservation awards.

Each year, Fundación Banco Santander and Fundación Cultural de la Nobleza Española (Cultural Foundation of the Spanish Nobility) organise the Biographies and History lecture series, aiming to decipher key events in our history.

In 2018, coinciding with the 5th centenary of the beginning of Magellan and Elcano’s circumnavigation of the globe, the lectures analysed the “first globalisation” that accompanied the expansion of the Spanish Empire from the 16th century onwards. The series coordinator and director of the Royal Academy of History, Carmen Iglesias, together with historians Carmen Sanz, José María González Ochoa and María Elvira Roca, discussed this phenomenon which, under the authority of the Spanish monarchy, created an unprecedented dynamic of exchange on a global scale.

Lectures available on the foundation's YouTube channel

La Granda

Summer Courses

The foundation supports the summer courses at La Granda, held in Avilés (Asturias) and directed by Professor Juan Velarde Fuertes. In addition to examining issues related to economics, technology, industry and science, these courses take a closer look at different historical events.

In 2018, Manuela Mendoça spoke about the expedition of Magellan and Elcano; Juan Antonio Martínez Camino surveyed thirteen centuries in the history of Covadonga; Emilio de Diego García discussed the new world order that emerged after 1918; and Servando de la Torre analysed a turning point in recent Spanish history, the events of May ‘68.


Hispania Nostra

Cultural heritage conservation awards

Each year, Fundación Banco Santander and the association Hispania Nostra organise the Hispania Nostra Awards to reward best practices in the defence of cultural and natural heritage.

In 2018, the Land or Landscape Intervention Prize went to the restoration of the Royal Tin Factory of San Miguel de Ronda (Málaga), built in 1725. In the category of Conservation of Heritage as a Factor of Socio-Economic Development, there were two winning projects: the restoration of the garden loggia at the Ribera Family Palace in Bornos (Cádiz), and the conversion of the old Ferrándiz y Carbonell industrial buildings into what is now the Campus of Alcoy (Alicante). Finally, the digital publication Numancia: arqueología e historia was distinguished with the Cultural and Natural Heritage Signage and Publicity Prize.

Iberofonía y Paniberismo

Definición y articulación del Mundo Ibérico

The foundation sponsored the publication of the book Iberofonía y Paniberismo. Definición y articulación del Mundo Ibérico, which proposes the creation of a multinational forum for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries on every continent. The author, Frigdiano Álvaro Durántez Prados, is a political scientist and expert in international relations, and his pioneering theory and geopolitical trend calls for establishing a stronger rapport among speakers of Iberian languages.

La presentación del libro tuvo lugar el 25 de octubre en Casa de América y contó con la participación de la embajadora Cecilia Yuste Rojas, directora de Relaciones Institucionales de Banco Santander, Paulo Speller, catedrático de Políticas Públicas, y Mario Hernández Sánchez-Barba, catedrático de Historia de América.