Social Outreach

Santander Ayuda

Santander Ayuda

The foundation created the Santander Ayuda programme to help non-profit organisations develop community projects that improve the quality of life of vulnerable or at-risk individuals.

Thanks to this programme, each year eighty different organisations receive 400,000 euros to purchase materials, adapt or improve infrastructures, and meet the basic needs of beneficiaries.

Initiatives must be local in scope and related to one of the following areas: poverty, social exclusion, dependence, seniors or healthcare.

Four calls for submissions are issued per year, and a committee of representatives of the foundation and Banco Santander chooses twenty organisations from each round of applicants. Projects are evaluated for their technical and financial viability, their duration, their innovativeness, and the potential to get different social agents involved in their implementation.

In 2018, the programme benefited more than 10,000 people through 22 projects aimed at eradicating poverty and social exclusion and 58 projects that focused on providing healthcare and promoting the personal autonomy of seniors and persons with disabilities.

Emplea Cultura

Emplea Cultura

In 2018, Fundación Banco Santander issued the fifth call for submissions to Emplea Cultura, a programme created in response to the high rate of unemployment and job instability among young people in the culture industry.

In addition to promoting professionalisation and improving employment conditions in this sector, the programme helps young people trying to enter the job market and cultural employers with vacancies to fill.

Companies are chosen by an evaluation panel based on the longterm sustainability, coherence and teamwork potential of their job offers.

The selected employers, with the guidance of human resources experts, then choose the young people they feel are best suited to the available positions.

These hires are funded entirely by Fundación Banco Santander, which gives each organisation an annual stipend of 23,000 euros to cover the employee’s gross salary for one year.

The organisations chosen in 2018 were as follows: Acerca Comunicación Cultural, Casa de Indias, Fundación RAC, Música en Vena, Idensitat, Espacio Open, ASSITEJ España, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Transductores and Galería Rosa Santos.

Santander CRUE-CEPYME Grants

Santander CRUE-CEPYME Grants

The foundation, in partnership with Banco Santander, the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME), awards five thousand grants each year to help university students round out their education with professional internships. The goal is to introduce young people to the working world, give them valuable learning opportunities and put them in touch with companies that may eventually facilitate their entrance to the job market.

Graduate and post-graduate students enrolled in Spanish universities, as well as micro, small or mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) located in Spain, are eligible to apply.

Each university coordinates the programme for its students and assigns them their internship positions. The companies are responsible for assigning a mentor to each intern and designing a professional skills training and development plan.