Santander Ayuda

Santander Ayuda

With the aim of reinforcing the bank’s social commitment and improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable members of society, the foundation created Santander Ayuda, a programme that helps non-profit organisations to launch social outreach projects in Spain.

Every year, the programme awards 400,000 euros to 80 projects that fight against poverty and social exclusion, promote personal autonomy and provide care for elderly, disabled or dependent persons.

Organisations interested in applying can fill out the application form on the foundation’s website and submit it to any of the four calls announced each year.

The projects are selected by a special committee based on their social value, projected impact on the local community and innovative methods.

Santander Ayuda is characterised by its simplicity—making it easy for even small organisations to apply—and immediacy, as applications can be submitted at any time.

In 2017 Santander Ayuda directly benefited more than 30,000 people in Spain, funding 26 projects that promote the integration of individuals at risk of poverty and social exclusion and 54 initiatives to improve the quality of life of the elderly, disabled or sick.

Emplea Cultura

Emplea Cultura

In 2014 Fundación Banco Santander created Emplea Cultura, a programme that facilitates job placement in the culture industry for specialised young people.

After a first call for applications from organisations looking fill a vacancy, the foundation issued a second call for candidates interested in those positions.

These hires are funded entirely by Fundación Banco Santander, which gives each organisation an annual stipend of 23,000 euros to cover the employee’s gross salary for one year and the employer’s costs resulting from the new hire.

In 2017, the grants went to organisations that work to introduce the performing and visual arts in the educational and social arenas (Asociación LOVA, La Joven Compañía, A Bao a Qu and The Cross Border Project), facilitate the design and dissemination of projects related to contemporary culture (una más una and Hablar en Arte), shine a spotlight on women working in the culture industry (Mujeres en las Artes Visuales), support artistic production and research in the digital arts (Hangar), and organise art fairs featuring alternative works and artists (Exhibit Art).

Santander CRUE-CEPYME Grants

Becas Santander CRUE-CEPYME

The foundation and Banco Santander, in association with the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME), facilitates job placement for university students by offering five thousand grants through this programme.

All funds are used for training, research, entrepreneurial development, student mobility and professional internships at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Spain.

Each university participating in the programme is responsible for coordinating and managing the assignment of internships and associated grant monies. The company assigns a mentor to each intern and designs the professional skills and training plan.

Preference is given to internship offers that are especially suited to students with disabilities and business initiatives backed by the university community.