Fundación Princesa de Asturias

An institution which annually rewards individuals and institutions whose efforts promote scientific, cultural and humanistic values. The awards ceremony is held at the Teatro Campoamor in Oviedo, with Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain presiding.

Fundación Silos

A foundation that organises cultural events, usually at the convent of San Francisco in Santo Domingo de Silos, turning this singular building into a forum of encounter and debate.

Colegio Libre de Eméritos

An institution created to offer outstanding retired teachers the possibility of participating in Spain’s cultural life, even after retirement. Eminent intellectuals congregate here to discuss and reflect on topics in a wide range of fields. In addition to organising courses, lectures and debates, the school shares the results of its studies in various publications.

Comité Helsinki España

An NGO dedicated to defending the human rights enshrined in the Helsinki Final Act of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Helsinki Spain works primarily in the field of university education and created the University Network, comprising 140 universities in 53 countries on every inhabited continent.

Fundación Instituto de Empresa

A foundation created by Instituto de Empresa to help its teachers and students pursue their educational, research and business management activities. Its resources are devoted primarily to scholarships, teacher training and research grants, and improvements to the educational structures of the Instituto de Empresa.

Real Fundación Toledo

An organisation dedicated to the conservation, study and dissemination of the city of Toledo’s cultural heritage. To this end, it supports urban planning initiatives, the restoration of cultural assets, research projects, exhibitions, lectures and publications. It also works to preserve and divulge the legacy of the sculptor Victorio Macho, who lived and worked in what is now the foundation’s headquarters.

Real Instituto Elcano

A think tank that conducts strategic international studies from a Spanish, European and global perspective. The institute shares its findings in a variety of publications and reports. It also organises working groups, seminars and lectures and guarantees its global relevance by participating in leading international networks and projects.

Fundación Cultural Hispanobrasileña

A foundation established in 2001 to promote a greater knowledge of Brazilian culture in Spain. Its primary goal is to organise academic, scientific and cultural events that foster empathy and strengthen economic and social ties between the two countries.

Casa de América

A consortium established in 1990 to strengthen ties between Spain and the Americas, especially Ibero-American nations. To this end, it organises a wide range of cultural activities to familiarise Spanish audiences with the diverse realities of the Americas, inviting distinguished guests from both sides of the Atlantic.

Rey Jaime I Prizes

Prizes awarded to recognise outstanding work in the fields of science, research and business in Spain. Winners receive a cash endowment of 100,000 euros and pledge to invest part of it in Spain.

They are chosen by a panel of distinguished names in science and the Spanish business world.

Fundación Créate

A foundation dedicated to researching and applying experimental methods in every area related to education. To achieve this goal, it designs various educational programmes based on training, the creation of innovative teaching materials and professional advice.

Fundación Biblioteca de Literatura Universal (BLU)

A foundation created to promote the publication of major works of literature and organise various activities that underscore the importance of Spanish as a universal language of culture.