The itineraries that we offer below are located in areas that stand out for the richness or uniqueness of their cultural or environmental heritage. They integrate enterprises selected for their potential impact on the development of the local economy, women's employment and sustainability.

Our support is aimed at ensuring business continuity and job retention during the pandemic and reinforcing the economic sustainability of the ventures in the near future of new normality.

The impact of the pandemic has forced all countries to place restrictions on mobility and the regular operation of economic activities. The return to normalcy will be progressive and will depend on health and security conditions in the selected destinations.  

At Santander BEST Africa we offer information for independent travellers interested in preparing a future trip after the pandemic, and references for group travel with the collaboration of tour operators committed to the practice of responsible tourism.


West Gambia Route. Gambia

The West Gambia Route enables visitors to explore the ethnic and cultural diversity and the environmental wealth of the smallest country of West Africa.

Bassari Country Route. Senegal

The Bassari Country Route takes us closer to a unique multicultural panorama which invites the visitor to get to know the natural environment, history and ancient customs of the communities that live in this region of Senegal.

Route of the Lower Casamance. Senegal

The Senegalese region of Casamance extends along the Casamance river, featuring a lush countryside crisscrossed by channels, river islands, tropical forests, rice fields and mangroves.

The route of the Sine-Saloum Delta. Senegal

The route of the Sine-Saloum Delta invites us to enjoy one of the ecosystems with the greatest natural wealth of Senegal and to get to know the culture and lifestyle of some of the communities of the delta which, via sustainable tourism, struggle to adapt to an economic, social and environmental environment threatened by the impact of climate change.

North Route of The Rif. Morocco

The North Route of the Rif invites us to learn about the culture, traditions and nature of a diverse territory, full of contrasts, located in northern Morocco, on the northwestern tip of the Rif Mountains.

Al Hoceima National Park Route. Morocco

The route of the Al-Hoceima National Park offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy ecotourism in the north of Morocco, on the Mediterranean coast, in a land and marine environment of great natural wealth.